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$20 to whoever can help me
  TimDawg, Oct 22 2013

Hey everyone,

Just wanted a little bit of help putting a video from another site up on YouTube. I'll ship $20 to whoever can help me out. Video is from where I played on Live at the Bike this past weekend. I'm a little preoccupied and lazy atm so if someone could help me out I'd appreciate it.



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Selling % in Tunica Main
  TimDawg, Feb 11 2012

Hey everyone,

I'm going to be playing the WSOP Tunica Main Event in approximately 4 hours. I'd like to sell 25% total. I already have reserved 5% for a friend. I would prefer that only people who can do BoA transfers buy pieces. I will be selling at 1:1 no mark up, although I feel my edge in this tournament is significant enough to charge a bit more but whatever.

I'm posting this kinda late because I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to play in it or not. I went deep in a $345 turbo last night and we stopped when the money bubble burst at 36 players. Started day 2 of that at noon today and I ended up going out in 22nd.

I had 200kish after 4bet jamming over a 3bet vs a guy who seemed to be competent and he folded. Probably an orbit later it folds to me in the SB vs the same guy. He has about 100k at 4k/8k 1k ante and I limp QQ. He thinks a bit and goes all in. I called off and he had A's. Very next hand I have 82k left and jam AJo on the button when folded to and same guy wakes up with Q's and I didn't get there. Oh well...

Feelin pretty good about the way I'm playing and a deep run in the Main would be pretty nice. I still plan on doing a write up summary after I get back home.

So anyway,

25% = $400 the total buyin is $1600

edit: sold all

send me a PM if you're interested



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  TimDawg, Feb 03 2012

Hey everyone I'm here at tunica for the wsop circuit event.

If any LPers are here as well or plan on coming at some point, let me know! I'll do a trip report after with hopefully some pics.

Games are realll good

Cya guys later


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